Do you use muscle meat, skeletal meat and/or offal?

Our food contains a lot of fresh meat, fresh fish and/or offal. Delicious, nutritious and treated with respect, from farm to bowl 😋 

In the dry food, snacks and fillets, you'll find 100% skeletal meat, also called MDM (mechanically deboned meat). This meat was connected to bones, such as ribs, chest, backbone and hips. These are the tiniest pieces from the human consumption that are too small to end up in a store.

Our dry food for puppies with salmon & turkey has a combination of skeletal meat and organ meat.

In the wet food (tin, cup, paté and chunks in sauce) we use a combination of skeletal meat and organ meat to achieve the deliciously soft texture that dogs and cats love. Organ meat or offal also contains a lot of vitamin A. We only use hearts, lungs, kidneys and liver. We don't use any intestines. 

Always remember our meat and offal is nutritious, fresh and unprocessed 🤩

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