What is different with the new kibble recipes for cats?

We've done heaps to improve the quality and palatability of our new kibble recipes. In fact, cats can't get enough.

1. Higher palatability

Our new kibble recipes are up to nine times more palatable than our previous recipes. And we scored better than the market leader when it comes to the palatability of our kibble*. Here's why it's so Mmmoreish:

  • We've lowered the density to create a perfectly light, crunchy kibble that cats purr for.
  • We've reduced the amount of peas we use, because we know cats aren't so keen on them.
  • We're using only the freshest ingredients and free-range chicken, instead of free-run.

2. Extra goodies

As well as improving palatability, we've also added these extra goodies:

  • Salmon oil to help maintain a healthy skin and coat and help support healthy joints.
  • L-carnitine in our adult and senior recipes — an amino acid that helps to maintain lean muscle mass.
  • DL-methionine — an amino acid that helps support urine acidification.

3. Better for our planet

We're taking big pounces to reduce our impact on the planet too. And we're proud that we've lowered the carbon footprint of our kibble recipes by an average of 8%. Here's how:

  • By using the best quality meat and reducing the overall % of meat used (while still keeping the same % of protein).
  • Switching to paper-based packaging (paper + PLA) instead of biodegradable bags, because they're more widely recyclable.

4. Kibble portfolio

Lastly, we also improved our kibble portfolio to be more in line with cat’s & their parents’ preferences.

  • We are offering more meat-based flavours which cats prefer
  • We are adding an additional flavour in our adult range (from 2 to 3)
  • We are changing our formats of dry food:
    • 300 g to 325 g
    • 700 g to 750 g
    • 1,75 kg to 2 kg
    • NEW: 4 kg

* Study conducted by an independent partner with n=20 cats. First choice Edgard & Cooper chicken kibble 54% vs 46% for one of the market leaders in palatability.

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