Why do we relaunch our cat range?

We're real food rebels, inspiring positive change in the pet food industry and creating the tastiest recipes for your furry family members. We decided that we need to do more for our feline friends. To take a stand and finally give them the pawlicking choice and goodness they deserve. Here's how:

1. We did lots of four-legged research to understand which flavours and textures cats love. That's why our new range has more meat-based recipes and why we're adding juicy chunks in sauce and luxurious fillets to our wet food range.

2. We've made the recipes more Mmmoreish than ever. We know cats can be picky from time to time, so it took us a bit longer to get it right. But it was well worth the wait. Our new kibble recipes scored better than the market leader in palatibility studies and there's now eight times the flavour in every crunchy munch.

3. Our packaging raises the bar too and it's super eye-catching for pet parents. Our key claims really stand out, so you know exactly what goodness you're buying.

4. Sustainability is right up there with goodness and flavour. So we've reduced the impact of our ingredients on carbon emissions, and we're switching to paper-based packaging that's more widely recyclable. Your cat will love you for it.

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