Which ingredients do you use in your cat kibble recipes?

Our kibble is mostly made with the freshest meat or fish (50%). Plus:

  1. Potatoes and peas for extra protein and to make our delicious kibble recipes without any grains. 
  2. Vitamins and minerals - to make sure our recipes are complete and balanced. 
  3. Chicken gravy - a gravy that cats find super tasty made from hydrolyzed protein so it's no issue for cats with a chicken allergy.
  4. Linseed - naturally rich in fiber and assists in healthy digestion. 
  5. Yeasts (a source of MOS and Betaglucans) - to help support the immune system.
  6. Dried chicory (a source of FOS and inulin) - to help promote gut health.
  7. Salmon oil - to help keep skin healthy and coats shiny and to support joint health. 
  8. Flavourful herbs for extra taste and the goodness of mother nature.
  9. Glucosamine (kitten and senior) to help support joint health. 
  10. Taurine — an essential amino acid for cats, to support healthy eyes and heart. 
  11. L-carnitine (adult and senior) — an amino acid to help maintain lean muscle mass.
  12. DL-Methionine - an amino acid to help support urine acidification
  13. Water

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