How to transition to Edgard & Cooper?

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How to transition to Edgard & Cooper?
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Dogs are creatures of habit, so it’s a good idea to introduce new food slowly.

It couldn’t be easier: over three or four days, gradually increase the amount of Edgard & Cooper food in your pet’s bowl, while gradually decreasing the amount of your pet’s current food. Simple.

  1. Day 1: 25% Edgard & Cooper + 75% current food
  2. Day 2: 50% Edgard & Cooper + 50% current food
  3. Day 3: 75% Edgard & Cooper + 25% current food
  4. Day 4: a bowl full of delicious Edgard & Cooper food

If you have any questions about how to help your dog or cat switch to Edgard & Cooper, feel free to ask using the chat button on our website. A teammate will be more than happy to help you out.

We're excited to give you some tips for successfully transitioning your cat to Edgard & Cooper food. You'll see, he won't be able to resist it 😻

Be aware that the dietary transition may take some time. We don't want him to suffer from stomach pain or diarrhea, so here's how to do it 😊 :

  1. Go easy on him. Start by introducing the new food as a snack, in between meals. From now on, also try to feed your cat (with his old food) at specific times, 2 or 3 times during the day.

  2. Let the adventure begin. Once your cat is used to this new "program" (and in the absence of diarrhea), you can begin the transition: gradually replace the amount of Edgard & Cooper in your four-legged friend's bowl over a period of 10 days by decreasing the amount of his current food. It's easy! Meow!😺

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