Why don’t you use Tetra Pak like some of the other brands?

We make our cups and tins out of metal – namely aluminium, steel and tin. These are brilliant materials for storing food. By sealing our wet food in watertight, airtight tins and cups, we keep it fresh and full of goodness - without any need for refrigeration. Saves carbon and energy.

Why metal? Well, metals can be used again and again without any loss of quality. In contrast, Tetra-Paks are made of laminated layers of carton, aluminium and plastic. Although they can technically be recycled, each time this happens, the quality of the materials downgrades. What’s more, Tetra Paks are not always accepted in household recycling – so many of them often end up in landfill. Tetra-Pak’s own website says that in Europe, just 37% of cartons are recycled.

In contrast, the recycling rate for metals in Europe is incredibly high at 75%! So thanks, and keep up the good work!


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