Is there sugar in your recipes?

No, we never add any sugar in our recipes! We believe in the power of mother nature and only use the freshest ingredients and a subtle burst of herbs and berries to make our recipes naturally tasty.

Most pet food brands add sugar to their wet food, which dogs and cats definitely don't need. Cats can't even taste sugar! Brands add this to create what's known as the 'Maillard-reaction'. This reaction takes place when sugar is heated and reacts with amino acids to create an umami flavour. We feel like this is misleading our pets and could trick cats and dogs into eating more, which could lead to obesity. On top of that, if the Maillard reaction happens under very high temperatures, a chemical called acrylamide can form which has been known to cause cancer. We put the health of every pet first, with a wet food that's naturally tasty, contains lots of meat and nutritious offal, but 0% added sugar or artificial colours and flavours. Because we know your pet is sweet enough.

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