When and how to switch from puppy food to adult dog food?

The transition from puppy food to adult food happens when your dog has almost reached adulthood. This stage in a dog's life varies from breed to breed. A little chihuahua can switch to adult food a lot quicker than a golden retriever can.

So when exactly is your dog considered an 'adult'? 

In general, we can assume the following:

Breed Max. adult weight Average adult age
Toy breeds 5 kg 6 months
Small breeds 10 kg 8 months
Medium breeds 30 kg 9 months
Large breeds 40 kg 11,5 months
Giant breeds 60 kg 13,5 months

If your dog has reached adulthood, it doesn't need all that extra fuel packed in puppy food. Therefore, switching to adult food is needed to maintain a healthy diet.

You will also see that the recommended daily amounts for your puppy are no longer stated on the packaging when you have to switch to food for adult dogs.

How to switch from puppy food to adult dog food?

You will see a decrease in the recommended daily amounts for adult dogs compared to the amounts for puppies. This is because adult dogs have a lower calorie requirement than puppies. That is why we recommend to switch gradually to our adult dog food in 7 days.

In terms of flavours, you can choose from our extensive range for adult dogs:

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