How are we going to reduce our footprint?

When working together with Carbon Intelligence, we also made our initial step in creating a roadmap to reduce our footprint. Although this is definitely not the final version, it does shed some light on what we will tackle the first years.

In our scope 1 and 2 emissions, we’re part of the ‘race to zero’. This means that we’re going to do our utmost best to eliminate all emissions coming from our direct operations. This includes shifting to electric vehicles, running our offices and warehouse on 100% renewables etc. Although commuting between our houses and the office is seen as scope 3 emissions – the company fleet (and thus the miles beyond commuting and business travel) is scope 1 and needs to be eliminated by 2025. Easy peasy, right?

It gets complicated when we look at our scope 3 emissions. Do you remember that ingredients accounted for almost 90% of our total emissions? Right – so that means we’ll need to work hard on reducing our footprint specifically in that area. As proposed by Carbon Intelligence, that could involve eliminating beef products, reducing the meat content (hello plant based) but it will also involve us working together with our manufacturers to make the production process greener and keep an eye on our logistic partners to make their fleet run on ‘water’ rather than petroleum.

So lots of things we can and need to consider so stay tuned for all projects to come.

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