I have not received my parcel

You have waited for your parcel until your estimated delivery date and your furry friend hasn't received his delicious food yet? 

Our carriers are always doing their best to get your parcel to you but sometimes it can happen that the delivery might take a bit longer- especially during busy times

And sometimes the delivery agent confuses you with your neighbour, have you checked with your neighbour? 

Still can't find my package?

We are very sorry that this rare inconvenience has occurred, but no worries, the Edgard & Cooper team will promptly fix the problem 🤗.

Just contact us, making sure to have with you your order number and the email address you used for the order. 

We'll be happy to help you, and we'll make sure your parcel reaches your doorstep safely. We will do our utmost to deliver your four-legged friend his favourite food as soon as possible. 

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