Why should I order a trial box from Edgard & Cooper?

Excellent question! There are lots of reasons, but here are our top three.

First, it’s downright delicious! Because we put SO much fresh meat into all our food (as well as lots of healthy fruit and veg), dogs and cats find it simply irresistible. But don’t take our word for it: get a trial box for your pet to sample.

Second, sustainability. Because we’re a nature-loving bunch, we’re working hard to reduce our impact. For example, all our packaging is either biodegradable or easy to recycle. Want to know more? Check out the sustainability page on our website.

And last (but not least), because every time you choose Edgard & Cooper, you’re helping us give more to charity. We donate 1% of our sales to animal charities to look after those dogs and cats we can’t help. Find out more on our charity page.

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