What does junk free mean?

Junk food is highly processed food that contains loads of low-quality, unnatural ingredients — like artificial preservatives, colours, and flavourings. This kind of food is low in nutrients you need, but high in those you don’t. There isn't a whiff of goodness.

We believe that cats are family, so they should always be fed real food. That's why all our recipes are completely junk free. But many traditional cat food brands don’t agree with us and their food is a bit like junk food — with poor quality ingredients, artificial nasties, lots of added sugar, and filled with cheap grains. 

Edgard & Cooper recipes are designed to help show your cat you care. We use wholesome, natural ingredients with high nutritional value to help cats live happy, healthy (nine) lives. 

First of all, we only use the freshest, yummiest meat and fish to keep them purring for more, and we never include pre-processed meat meal. Secondly, we believe in the power of mother nature and we don’t add any artificial nasties or sugar. Lastly, all our cat recipes are grain free, with potatoes, peas and lots of meat and tasty offal — making them easy to digest and perfect for troublesome tums.

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