Which are the current Foundation projects?

    The Dog Care Clinic, Sri Lanka (supported since 2019)

Donations have been used to create a state-of-the-art facility that has improved the lives of 10,200 dogs each year since 2019.

    Mayhew International, Afghanistan (supported since 2020)

Donations funded 30,000 rabies vaccinations in 2020 and 2021, which enabled local workers to treat over 70% of the local stray dog population and achieve herd immunity, effectively eradicating rabies in Kabul, Afghanistan. 

    Mayhew International, Georgia (supported since 2021)

Donations are paying for the training of 22 vets in cat and dog health; the construction of a static clinic to serve as a training base; and a fully-equipped pop-up clinic, which together is set to help 2,500 dogs and 250 cats in the first year alone.

    Humane Society International, Bolivia and Chile (supported since 2021)

Training over 100 vets in humane neutering practices to control numbers in the local stray population, which will improve the lives of more than 50,000 cats and dogs (and counting). 

    People for Animals, Dehradun, India (since 2021) 

Working to tackle overpopulation put an end to the suffering many stray animals endure by training local vets and building safe medical facilities. The project has already helped 6,510 dogs and cats.  

For more information about the charities and projects the Foundation supports, visit edgardcooperfoundation.org/our-projects 

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