Is avocado safe to eat for pets? 🥑

Avocados often provoke discussions. Why? They contain a fungicide called persin. The amount of persin varies amongst different types of avocados and other external factors. Persin is highest in the pit and skin of the avocado and is present in very small amounts in the fruit itself.

Rest assured, the amount we add in our recipe is anything but harmful to your furry friend. On the contrary, avocados offer tons of nutrients which have a lot of health benefits for your dog. Our Pet Nutritionist lists them for you. Avocados 🥑:

  • are rich in vitamin B3, a major energy provider, which is good for the heart and blood circulation.
  • contain 18 amino acids and half of these are essential for your pup's health! These amino acids can’t be produced by dogs, and must be supplied through diet to boost the growth of new muscles
  • are a great source of fiber that benefits your dog's digestive system.
  • are packed with omega fatty acids and vitamin E for healthy skin and a shiny coat ("hello, handsome!").

By the way, did you know that dogs and cats don’t seem to be sensitive to persin? Other animals such as birds, horses and rodents certainly are. A large amount of persin could strain your dog or cat's stomach, but they would have to eat a lot of leaves, seeds and peels for that to happen.

Some of our products containing avocado:

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