Let's start off with explaining how this 'refer a friend' challenge works. Basically, if someone you know ( a friend, a colleague or a family member ) orders food on our website using your referral code, they'll get a discount on their first order. You, on the other hand, will get a reward in the form of belly rubs. If you save up enough belly rubs in a certain level in our loyalty program, you'll get to choose a reward. Easy, no?

An easy guide

1. if you click on the 'refer a friend' challenge in level 3, you'll get a pop-up displaying a link:

2. Send the link to someone you know. If they order food on our website using this link, they will get a nice discount. 

3. If the order is placed, you'll get rewarded with belly rubs 🙌

Having issues completing this challenge? Let us know via chat on our website. Our support  team will be happy to help you out!

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