Congratulations! You made it to level up 4, we hope you enjoyed completing challenges 🙌 Thank you for being such a loyal friend!

Level 4 is designed a bit different than our other levels. You will still be able to receive points or belly rubs by completing challenges. However, you will not be able to level up anymore. 

No need to worry, you'll still receive a reward from time to time 😉

How will you be rewarded in level 4?

To claim a reward in level 4, you'll need to save up 25 belly rubs. In order to receive belly rubs, you need to complete a couple of challenges. When you saved up enough belly rubs, you'll be given the choice to pick a reward. Even if there are no more challenges shown on the loyalty dashboard, you'll still earn belly rubs with each purchase you make on our web shop.

Instead of leveling up, you'll restart in level 4. You'll need to save up another 25 belly rubs to claim your next reward. There is no set limit on how many times you can complete level 4.

We currently don't have more than four levels in our loyalty program. We'll be working on adding more exciting challenges and levels in the future, so stay tuned! 

If you experience any issues, please let us know via chat on our website. Our customer support team will be happy to help you out. 

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