At Edgard & Cooper, we produce complete foods. That means every recipe contains all the nutrients your dog or cat needs to stay healthy. Lots of fresh meat.
Nothing that's been processed or dried, and especially no meat or bone meal. 

The daily recommended calorie intake of your dog depends on a couple of factors. The most important variables are weight, breed, gender, level of activity, age and neutered status. Environmental factors can also play a role. Our feeding guidelines can be found on the packaging of your Edgard and Cooper products. 

How it works: 

Imagine you have an adult Dalmatian, two years old, female, 23 kilos. You'll probably want to look in the 'great big dogs' row, in the 22-26kg range. She can eat 254-288g per day.

If you want an accurate calculation based on your dog's specific situation, you can always contact us via the chat button on our website. Our team of nutritionists will be happy to help you out 😉

Is your dog underweight/overweight? Please make sure their daily amount is based on the dog's target weight and not on his/her actual weight.

Is your dog sterilised? Please read what extra measures you need to take here.

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