At Edgard & Cooper, we make complete foods, which means every one of our recipes offers a healthy and well-balanced meal for your four-legged friend. It also means we don't need to produce specific recipes for sterilised dogs - any recipe is perfectly fine. Sometimes, however, additional measures must be taken.

A sterilised dog can change in their behavior. Their metabolism can change, or they can become less active during the day. If this happens, it's important your dog doesn't become overweight. We therefore usually advise dog owners to reduce their pet's daily caloric intake by 15%. This means you need to give 15% less kibble (or wet food) than prescribed on our packaging. However, do be aware that some dogs experience little or no changes after sterilisation. In this case, the 15% reduction should not be applied. 

Do you have questions about nutrition? Would you like an accurate calculation for your dog's daily intake? Our team of nutritionists can help you work out exactly what your dog needs. Just message us via chat on our website, and we'll be happy to help you out 😉

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