Diabetes is a metabolic disease that can occur both in dogs and cats. Having diabetes means your pet has an increased blood sugar level either because of too little or no production of insulin, or because your pet has become resistant to insulin. 

Normally, the pancreas creates the insulin hormone, which makes sure sugar in the bloodstream is absorbed into tissue. From here, it can be converted into energy or stored as an energy supply.

However, if any stage of this process isn't working, your dog's blood sugar level will rise. At the same time, your dog will experience a shortage of sugar in their tissue because their body can't absorb it sufficiently. 

This can lead to the following symptoms: your dog is drinking & peeing a lot, they're always hungry but losing weight, they're vomiting and they don't have much energy.

Diabetes is a serious disease and must be followed up by a veterinarian. We recommend discussing the symptoms with your vet and asking them about the best nutrition for your dog. Because diabetes has different causes (type | or type ||) and different stages, there are different nutritional strategies for every situation...

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