Sometimes it may seem that your dog just doesn't like the food. When introducing a new food, it's important to take it easy so your dog can get used to the new smell and taste. So don't be alarmed by the fact that your dog leaves their first portion lying around. Give it some time, you'll see 😉 

If your dog continues to ignore his bowl of Edgard & Cooper food... well, maybe he doesn't like the taste after all. Nobody's perfect. Luckily, we have a few other recipes that might please your four-legged friend. Need help deciding? Picking the right recipe for your dog is easy: just use the dog buddy on our website. You can also order your trial box today to test out another recipe.

We are happy to refund the cost of unwanted product if it's in its original, unopened state. Please contact our support team via chat on our website to issue your return.

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