At the moment, we don't have any veggie or vegan options in our dog or cat food range. Cats are pure carnivores and really need a meat-based diet to survive. Although we recognise there are vegetarian and vegan dog foods available, we believe dogs need protein from animal sources to live a long and healthy life. And proteins from fresh meat are the best a dog can get. 

As with humans, the amino acids in protein build bone structure and muscle tissue and are essential for a strong immune system. Of the 22 types of amino acids a dog needs to live a healthy life, 10 come directly from food. Meat-based proteins have a high biological value. That means they contain these 10 essential amino acids and are very easy to digest. For dogs and cats, vegetarian and vegan protein sources just don't offer the same biological value.

We strive to offer foods made using ethically-sourced meats. Our organic food range already meets these strict conditions.

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