In our dry food range for senior dogs, we currently have two recipes available:

The salmon in the first recipe is packed with Omega 3, which is important for aging brains, while the lean chicken meat keeps calories low for dogs who prefer a more sedate lifestyle. 

Our rabbit recipe is also ideal for older dogs with aging brains. It is packed with linseed and salmon oil for Omega 3, and Phenomind™ for better brain function.

Both recipes are grain-free, so they're particularly good for dogs with sensitive tummies. You can switch between flavours as you like (but if you intend to do so, make sure not to give the same recipe for too long). 

We also have two wet food recipes for older dogs:

You can opt to combine both dry food and wet food in your dog's diet. This article explains how to measure the right portions.

Can you feed adult food to senior dogs?

Absolutely! Some older dogs simply prefer to stick with an adult recipe, or are allergic to nutrients found in our senior food.

There's no harm in continuing to feed them adult food. Just keep in mind that, as your dog gets older, they might burn fewer calories in their day. To keep them at a healthy weight, you might therefore to manage their portion size.

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