Looking for kibble or wet food for your adult dog? Look no further! 

We currently have six recipes in our adult kibble range: 

Note: the kibble in our 12kg bags is bigger than kibble in our bags up to 7kg. Read more about the size of our dry food here.

We also have different recipes for adult dogs in our wet food range. Wet food is available in 150gr cups or in 400gr tins. The meat in cups contains more moisture and is therefore softer  to chew on. All wet food is grain free.

If your dog has no specific health issues or allergies, we would recommend you try out different flavours and see what they like best. 

If, on the contrary, you dog is allergic to certain foods, please let us know! We'll help you find the perfect recipe.

You can switch between flavours as you like (but if you intend to do so, make sure not to give the same recipe for too long). 

You can opt to combine both dry food and wet food in your dog's diet. This article explains how to measure the right portions. 

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