In most cases, it's perfectly normal for dogs to lose hair. Most dogs shed their hair, particularly before or during the hot summer months. 

However, if your dog is losing hair in massive amounts or you see bald spots appear, that could mean something more serious, such as :

  • hormonal imbalance
  • allergies
  • mites
  • trauma
  • infection

We strongly advice you to contact your veterinarian in case of excessive hair loss. 

If the hair loss is caused by anything other than food allergies, you'll need to add prescribed medication or supplements to your dog's diet.

If your dog's hair loss is caused by some kind of food allergy, the next step is to eliminate those food sources in your dog's daily diet. 

At Edgard & Cooper, we can give the right advice and recommend the best recipes based on the allergies of your dog. 

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